Philosophy, Disability and Social Change 2 (#PhiDisSocCh2) Underway

The pathbreaking Philosophy, Disability and Social Change 2 (#PhiDisSocCh2) conference is underway, with amazing presentations and discussions during the first two days.

On Tuesday, the conference brought us Melinda Hall, Havi Carel, Desiree Valentine, Johnathan Flowers, and Maeve O’Donovan, addressing a range of issues and concerns with respect to disability and disabled philosophers, including disability justice; risk; vulnerabilization; the mutually constitutive character of race, disability, and kinship; internalized ableism; and the constitution of race and disability in artificial intelligence.

Yesterday’s sessions by Tommy Curry, Elaina Gauthier-Mamaril, Andrea Pitts, Grace Cebrero, and Joseph Stramondo continued to push the limits with respect to how philosophers have understood disability by providing us with insights on: the pathologization of Black men; concepts of disability and Filipino philosophy; disability justice and anti-colonialism; ableist conceptions of the philosophy student; and the relationships between disclosure, complicity, and resistance.

More fabulous presentations are expected today from Isaac (YunQi) Jiang, Gen Eickers, Alex Bryant, Stephanie Jenkins, and yours truly, me on wide-ranging topics and concerns such as, disability and Chinese philosophy; disability and ideology; academic freedom and disability; trans identity, disability, and emotions; and disability and animals .

You can still register for today and tomorrow, the last two days of the conference. To do so, go here:

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