Feedback on Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change 3 #PhiDisSocCh3

As readers and listeners of BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY will know, from Tuesday to Friday of last week, the third edition of Philosophy, Disability and Social Change — Philosophy, Disability and Social Change 3 #PhiDisSocCh3 — took place online.

The conference was a huge success with radical, innovative, insightful, and provocative presentations and discussions over the course of the four days.

I want to extend, once again, my heartfelt thanks to all of the presenters who dazzled us with their spectacular insights and new developments in philosophy of disability; to all of the session chairs who took great care to enable engaging Q and A’s; to the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University for supporting the conference; and to Jamie Morris who did a stellar job with respect to tech support and ensured that the conference was easily navigated by providing extensive information throughout the conference. Videos of the presentations will be available soon and a transcript of the entire conference is forthcoming.

One of the most fulfilling outcomes of the conference is the increased sense of community amongst disabled philosophers and other philosophers of disability that the conference nurtured. In short, the three editions of Philosophy, Disability and Social Change have been incredibly fruitful venues for community building and for the strengthening of solidarity amongst disabled philosophers, philosophers of disability, and indeed, disabled philosophers of disability.

I have received a great deal of wonderful feedback from participants and attendees of the conference. I will end this post by sharing some of it so that everyone involved in the conference and the philosophical community in general can get a clear sense of what we, collectively, accomplished last week (and through the previous editions of the conference).

Praise for Philosophy, Disability and Social Change 3 #PhiDisSocCh3:

“A note to thank you again for organizing such a fantastic conference. It was great to be able attend all these amazing talks and discussions, including your presentation of the introduction to the Bloomsbury Guide this morning, which I really appreciated.”

“it is so refreshing to have such thoughtful and caring interlocutors as the group we had this week. I know I was struck by that at last year’s edition already, and it’s truly very special. So thank you for creating this wonderfully supportive and inspiring community for all of us.”

“Thank you so much for your support, and for this amazing conference this week.”

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that this was the most enjoyable and stimulating event I’ve been to for quite some time, and one of the best I have been to full stop. The contributors were wonderful. I learned a huge amount, and came away with so much new work to follow up on, and so many ideas and approaches to investigate. It also gives me so much enthusiasm and confidence that this field is really vibrant, diverse, and dynamic.”

“The other aspect that really meant a lot was the community…This was the first time in a while that I’ve felt a sense of community. I have already contacted several presenters to thank them for their contributions and to chat about their work.”

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