Report and Video of Disabling Philosophy in the Canadian Context and More

Our symposium in the Canadian Philosophical Association meeting online of Congress 2022 was a huge success. The session was well attended, the presentations were wonderful, and the environment that the participants and attendees created was especially unique for a philosophy conference. I am thrilled with the way that the event unfolded.

I posted transcripts of my presentation in the Chat feature during the session rather than post them on BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY. I did so to respect the fact that the Federation of Social Sciences and Humanities waived this year’s registration fees for Black and Indigenous participants and attendees in order to begin to redress anti-Black racism at previous conferences and systemic racism in Canadian academia and the colonial past and present of Canada more generally. It seemed to me that posting the presentation here during the symposium itself, allowing open access to the presentation to anyone who wished to read it, would compromise the practical, political, and symbolic nature of the fee waiver.

Because “Disabling Philosophy in the Canadian Context” was selected as an Open Session of Congress 2022, a report on the symposium was posted to the Federation of Social Sciences and Humanities blog. You can find that report here: In addition, a video of the symposium, available to registrants of Congress 2022 until June 3, is here:

Some errors appear in the Congress 2022 report on the Federation blog: for example, in the description of my presentation, the term simple is used to refer to assisted suicide. As readers of BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY know by now, the issue of medically assisted suicide and its expansion in the Canadian context are in no way “simple,” though the neoliberal Canadian government has rendered it as an easy fix for the political, economic, social, and personal problems that accrue due to structural ableism in Canada.

The presentation that I will make to “Entangled Ecologies,” the (hybrid) 15th Annual philoSOPHIA conference, as part of the panel “Philosophy of the Limit: Risk, Disaster, and Infrastructure,” with my co-panelists Melinda Hall and Isaac Jiang, is a modified version of my presentation to Congress 2022. I plan to post my philoSOPHIA presentation to BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY so that attendees at the conference can read along with me and others not at the conference have access to it.

You can still register for the philoSOPHIA conference here:

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