New Books Network Interview about Foucault and Feminist Philosophy of Disability

Because it is a hot and hazy summer day and we don’t have much initiative to work, I decided to post the interview about Foucault and Feminist Philosophy of Disability that I did last August (it was posted last September) with Dave O’Brien of the New Books Network. As the accompanying blurb for the interview indicates, I blogged back then at the now-defunct Discrimination and Disadvantage blog.

Here is the blurb that accompanies the interview:

How should we understand disability? In Foucault and Feminist Philosophy of Disability (University of Michigan Press, 2017), Dr. Shelley Tremain explores this complex question from the perspective of feminist philosophy, using the work of Michel Foucault. The book is a fascinating critique of much contemporary philosophy and policy, providing a detailed, but easy to follow overview of key works in feminism and in Foucault’s thought. The book places these discussions in the context of inequalities within academic philosophy itself, drawing attention to the marginalisation of key questions of disability and gender from contemporary philosophy as it is currently organised. Overall the book is important reading not only for disability studies and philosophy, but anyone wanting to understand how society disadvantages difference. You can read more of Dr. Tremain’s work, and key debates on philosophy and disability as part of the Discrimination and Disadvantage blog.

The podcast interview is available here:

I am happy to create a transcript of the interview for individuals, but not institutions with resources.

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