Some of Our Favourite Posts from 2019

Here is a collection of some of our favourite posts from 2019. Of course, all of the installments of Dialogues on Disability (here) hold pride of place on BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY too. Some of the CFPs that we posted over the course of the year were also amazing! If we missed one of your favourite posts, please let us know so that we can add it to this list!


Where Are the Women? (Guest Post by Sarah Tyson)

Using Phineas Gage for Questions on Personal Identity and Other Topics in Philosophy of Mind, Experimental Philosophy, Cognitive Science, etc.

Climate Change: An Unprecedently Old Catastrophe (Guest Post by Kyle Whyte)

Between Bird Box and A Quiet Place: Blockbuster Depictions of Disability

Bird Box’s Mental Illness Problem and Blindness as Metaphor

Perfect You


Beyond Inclusive Syllabi

Black Women Philosophers Conference, CUNY Graduate Center, Mar. 15-16, 2019

Community Education Project: A Prison Education

Elitism and the Engines of Democracy


Back to Campus Post Baby and Post Parental Leave

Alcoff on Rape and Consistency: A Survivor Speaks

Is This Post Substantive Enough?

New Chapter Published: Second Thoughts on Enhancement and Disability (Oxford Handbooks)

Helen De Cruz and Prestige Bias (in Canadian Philosophy Departments)

(How) I Ruined the APA’s Reputation Amongst Disability Studies Scholars


Microphones, Accessibility, and the APA

Disability, Discourse, Demographics at the Pacific APA

Indigenization Efforts Vary Widely on Canadian Campuses, Study Finds

Philosophy of Disability as Critical Diversity Studies – Now Published!


The Future of Feminist Philosophy and Opportunities Squandered

Some Things to Consider about Disability and Diversity in Philosophy

Reflecting on a “Bad” Semester – How Can I Plan a “Good” One?

Game of Thrones and Disability: Doing and Undoing Ableism

Neoliberalism, Bioethics, and the Apparatus of Disability in a German Context


Racial Emancipation by Charles W. Mills

Educators and the Final Report of the National Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls

More on How Bioethics Fosters Homogeneity in Philosophy and Society More Generally

Resist: What Steps Can We Take Against Family Separation and Child Detention?

When I was De-Platformed

Commemorating Foucault I: Symposium on Hall’s The Bioethics of Enhancement

Commemorating Foucault II: Symposium on Tremain’s Foucault and Feminist Philosophy of Disability

Excluded, By Design


Leaving Disabled People Out of Discussions of Universal Design

Taking Fat Students (and Staff) Into Account

Philosophy of Disability: Present and Future, No. 2

NEW BOOKS Interview about Foucault and Feminist Philosophy of Disability



Ableism and the Epistemic Supremacy of Nondisabled Philosophers

In Memorium: Dr. William J. Peace, Disability Rights Advocate and Scholar (d. July 3, 2019)

Some Notes on Dembroff on Hacking, Disability, and Kinds of People

Hurricane Prep, Again


Disability is Social, Political, and Linked to Epistemic Injustice: An Academic Exploration and Personal Reflection (Guest Post by David, Incarcerated at Tomoka Correctional Institution in Daytona Beach, FL)

Notes on a Recent Appointment with a Psychiatrist (Guest Post by Anonymous Philosophy Student)

Sexual Harassment in Philosophy, Disability, and the Dream of a Common Language: A Response to Dowell and Sobel

New Entry in the SEP: Critical Disability Theory

Reviews of Foucault and Feminist Philosophy of Disability


Situating Disabled Philosophers and Philosophy of Disability in Philosophy

Moments from the Disabling Normativity Conference

Asylum, Credible Fear Test, and Colonial Violence (Guest Post by Elena Ruíz and Ezgi Sertler)

Weinberg and Barnes on Ableist Language

A Canadian University and the Slave Trade


Posts on Ableist Language and Discourse

Paper Phones and Anti-Capitalism

“David Chalmers” Generalized and the Depoliticization of Philosophy’s Present

Biopower, Normalization, and Slippery Slopes

Is “The Right to Die” Racialized Biopolitics?


Practical Suggestions for My Cis Colleagues in Philosophy (Guest Post by Ray Briggs)

Landmark Settlement with Harvard to Improve Online Accessibility

The Disabling Materiality of Feminist Rhetorical Practices

Six Things You Should Know About Diversity in Philosophy, the Apparatus of Disability, and the Status of Disabled Philosophers

What’s Ahead: Against Natural(izing) Disability

War and Climate Change (Guest Post by Eric Winsberg)

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