Some of Our Favourite Posts of 2021

This post provides a retrospective of some of the most popular BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY posts from 2021. The Dialogues on Disability interviews for the year were also crowd favourites. You can find the archive of the Dialogues on Disability series interviews here. Each of the series interviews from the past year will be featured in the upcoming anniversary installment in April. Enjoy the fruits of our collective labours!



Por qué la ley española de eutanasia marginaliza a los discapacitado:

Philosophy of Disability, Conceptual Engineering, and the Nursing-home Industrial Complex:

Hendricks, Philosophy, MAiD, and Eugenics: Making the Connections:

Philosophers and Letters of Opposition to Bill C-7:

Letter in Opposition to Bill C-7 from Robert Wilson and Matthew Barker:


Jama and Downie on MAiD:

The Carceral Character of Nursing Homes and How Eugenics in Canada is MAiD:

Letter of Opposition to Bill C-7 Signed By 129 Canadian Disabled People’s Organizations and Allies:

Sesgoes Cognitivos e Injustias Estructurales:

The Reputation of Canadian Philosophy is in the Balance:


Philosophy of Disability in a Disability Filibuster:

IWD, Philosophy of Disability, and Vulnerability:

(How) Is Disability Relevant to Social Ontology?

Elizabeth Barnes’s Difference Principle and the Limitations of (Their) Analytic Philosophy of Disability:


Welcome to Our Newest Contributor: Élaina Gauthier-Mamaril!

Elizabeth Barnes’s Difference Principle and the Limitations of (Their) Analytic Philosophy of Disability, Part II:

Why Nursing-Home Incarceration Must End:


Forthcoming Edited Collection on Philosophy of Disability:

How Ableism in Philosophy Has Destroyed Me:

Social Ontology and Reductive Conceptions of Philosophy of Disability (The Consequences for Disabled Philosophers):

Five Books of Contemporary Philosophy Made in Mexico That You Ought to Read Right Now!

Billionaire Philanthropy: Immoral, Epistemically Corrupt, and Undemocratic (Guest Post):


Do (analytic) philosophers make bad activists?

Welcome Our Newest Contributor: Mich Ciurria:

Bioethics Has Always Been Eugenic:

Climate Change: An Unprecedentedly Old Catastrophe (Guest Post):

National Indigenous Peoples Day (June 21, 2021):

On the Ableist and Racist Legacies of Canadian Philosophy:

Philosophy Casting Call Podcast s01ep03:


Ableism, CRCs, and Academic “Freedom”:

Introduction to the Forthcoming Special Issue on Philosophies of Disability and the Global Pandemic:

Philosophy Casting Call podcast: s01ep04 On gender justice in sport w/Beth Doran:

Philosophy Casting Call s01ep05: On creative philosophical practices and the power of showing up w/Jen Scuro:


List of Participants for Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change 2 (PhiDisSocCh2) Conference, University of Oxford Online, De. 7-10, 2021:

Children as An Oppressed Class:

La crítica filosófica de Guillermo Hurtado al malinchismo:

Will the APA Committee on Disabled Philosophers in the Profession Save Me?

Disaster Ableism, Academic Freedom, and the Mystique of Bioethics:

Presentation: Ableism, Animals, and Apparatuses, Online, Aug. 31, 2021:

Philosophy Casting Call s01ep06: On counter-narratives and writing the books we want to read w/Kathryn Belle:


Pushing Back Against the Ableism, Ageism, and Prestige Bias of Canadian Philosophy:

Ableist Language and the Politics of Peer Review in Philosophy:

Charles Mills (1951-2021):

A Tale of Two Resiliences: The Emergence of Neoliberal Resilience and Radical Resilience:


A Response to the APDA Guide to Graduate Programs in Philosophy Based on Job Placement and Student Experience:

Engineering (the Apparatus of) Disability, University of Zurich and Arché, St. Andrews Online, Oct. 19, 2021:

The Exclusion of Disabled Academics From Canada Research Chairs (CRCs) – Report from UBC Study:

Ira y Reconciliación:

Counting Disability: On Foucault, Hacking, APDA, Dea, and the Avalanche of Printed Numbers:

Show Your Support for Disabled Philosophers:


Dea, Data, and the Disabling Canadian University:

Philosophy of Disability Contra Bioethics:

An Open Letter from Academics Regarding the Invasion of Wet’suwet’en Territory:


National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women:

Philosophy, Disability and Social Change 2 (#PhiDisSocCh2) Underway:

A Note to/about Jason Stanley; and Here is My Presentation to Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change 2:

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